Wild Writing Teacher Training is a 5-month-long class for men and women who want to learn how to lead a life-changing writing process that invites people to show up on the page in a deeply powerful and authentic way. The teacher training will take trainees into the depths of their own writing, guide them into leadership, and show them how to create, market, and run their own Wild Writing workshops.

I can’t think of a more productive and rich way to meet the world today than with the fierce and loving guidance of Wild Writing. It’s a sobering, beautiful practice that we take to the page and into our lives.

Becoming a Wild Writing teacher will change your life and the lives of the people you get to work with. If you’re looking for a new career path or a magnificent tool to add to the work you already do with people, consider the Wild Writing Training.

It’s going to be amazing and I’m taking 10 people on this journey with me.

Would you like to be one of them? Check it out here.

AND … If you sign up before Monday February 13th you will get a nice little early bird discount.

You can submit your application right now, or if you’d like to hear more about it I would love to have you …

Join me for a public call on Friday January 27th at 1PM Pacific to ask questions and find out more about the training.

Call 641.715.3655 When prompted for a code, press 358997

Sending love, energy and light as we move into this important new year.

All the best,