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  • The Wide View Just because I’m 8000 miles from home doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered now and then. Not by Bali, with its fresh bowls of purple dragon fruit, its incense and little paper altars every two feet, a place so peaceful I haven’t seen one cop or heard one harsh word. ...
  • Tinder in Bali I was explaining Tinder to Agung, our driver here in Bali. “It’s this App on your phone,” I told him, “so if you want to meet someone and have a date, you just look here.” I held out my phone to him like it was a genie in a bottle Read More ...
  • I lead, they teach I lead, they teach This is the line that came to me last week during one of the Wild Writing classes I run. I have three live, in person, flesh to flesh classes here in Northern California, and four that take place on a video platform, which allows women from across the ...

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