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  • But Was it Life Changing? “Was it life changing?” my daughter, Zoe asked me this morning as I groggily sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. I’d gotten home from nearly three weeks in South Africa the night before, had managed a few hours of sleep, and was now on my third cup of coffee ...
  • The Words I Used On Silent Day As I write this I’m in the middle of a week-long writing retreat with my writing mentor for the last fourteen-years. We’re high up in the hills of Topanga Canyon… share this post:  
  • Tiptoeing Toward Prayer Finally you’ve found them, and aren’t they perfect – small, smooth turquoise beads the color of the Mediterranean. You imagine them around your neck, or circling your wrist. You love the way they’ll look on your naturally tan skin. The thing is, they’re not ornamental – they’re not meant ...

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