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  • Dumb Beauty This morning I watched my 22-year-old daughter Ruby, and her 22-year-old boyfriend Anton, pull out of our yard, their car packed to the roof, as they headed out for their new life together in Seattle. They also had a surfboard tethered to the top of the car. Tethered with twine. ...
  • Do People Know They’re Alive? A few months ago I was hired to write with cancer patients at a hospital near my home. The woman who hired me brings artists, writers and musicians into the hospital to give patients some relief from what they’re going through, and an opportunity to channel this time in their ...
  • Brave Little Fish Swims Into New Waters “Oh mom, you’re going to be fine.”  That’s my 21-year-old responding to me this morning on Facetime when I told her that I was flipping out about my brand new 5-month Wild Writing Teacher Training, which starts in one week. “You got this,” she said, rolling her eyes, and moving on ...

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