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  • Stinky Meth Head Jesus Maybe you’ve heard the story about the couple who are expecting Jesus to stop by, but when they open the door of their house, low and behold, it’s not Jesus at all who’s come knocking, but a couple of dirty hoodlums who haven’t washed or eaten in days and who ...
  • Today is LAUNCH DAY for the Wild Writing Teacher Training Wild Writing Teacher Training is a 5-month-long class for men and women who want to learn how to lead a life-changing writing process that invites people to show up on the page in a deeply powerful and authentic way. The teacher training will take trainees into the depths of their ...
  • Fist Bumping Into Thin Air In my dream last night, I was telling a friend that I had begun to see things as they really were, in a more sober, honest way. “Yes!” he said enthusiastically, extending his fist to meet mine so we could fist bump. “Yes,” I said, extending my fist to meet ...

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