Let’s inject a little more beauty into the world…

Wild Writing is a practice that can sustain you. It is the way we stay connected to ourselves and to one another. It invites us to take off our masks and to greet each other as human beings in an honest and generous way.

Wild Writing is life-changing work; who you are on the page is who you become in life.

I teach here in Northern California and online through Zoom. I also take people on fantastic journeys to Mexico and Nepal – really wonderful trips that I’d love to take you on one day.

Until then, I have created a way for you to join and stay connected to one another and the Wild Writing Family.

 Join us for the …

Wild Writing Family

I have created a Wild Writing online membership course which includes:

Three short videos a week to keep your practice going. They will include poems, thoughts about writing and jump-off lines. This is a self-paced practice. You will write on your own, there is nothing to turn in.

Alternating weeks will feature a live community Zoom call with me where we will write together and chat about the practice. These calls will be every other Monday morning from 8am – 9am, Pacific, but will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live.

Discounted monthly A La Carte classes where we bring in inspiring writers who talk about their process, lead us in writing instruction, and engage us in meaningful discussions about our work.

Once a month Campfire Reading Series where we will gather as a group and read our work aloud to one another.

Access to our private community group where you will be invited to drop work in, read the work of others and share with the membership community.

Quarterly writer interviews members are invited to submit questions prior to the interview, and are given first access to the video replay.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership will bill monthly and you can discontinue at any time by emailing our support team.

Over the course of our time together you will deepen your writing practice, becoming a better writer – someone who is more free on the page, and who is grounded in the sound of their own voice. You’ll be tethered to a practice that invites you to unmask yourself, tell the truth about your experiences – how you feel and what you’re longing for. Your Wild Writing pieces may get turned into poems, essays or blog posts – pieces you can share with your community. You’ll receive over 10 poems a month, you’ll get real time with me, as well as stay connected to our rich Wild Writing Family community group.

All this gorgeousness to support your Wild Writing practice is now available for $24 USD/month.

Are you ready to become a member of our Wild Writing Family?

Join the Wild Writing Family

Registration is closed to the public until Fall 2023.

$24 USD / month

 Words from the Wild Writing Family …

“I’ve been an independent artist and writer for 14 years and one thing I’ve always struggled with is writing for myself. Typical journaling about the day’s events or the weather didn’t hold my attention, and yet I struggled to write when there wasn’t an audience or a friend to somehow pull the words out of me. Learning the Wild Writing practice with Laurie Wagner changed that for me, unlocking a direct line to my own voice, available any time. It’s taught me to listen to myself more acutely. It’s stretched my capacity for truth-telling as my inner editor is more easily bypassed.

Wild Writing has become my cornerstone daily practice, and as a bonus, has taken the quality of my publicly shared writing to a new level. I tell everyone about this work. Joining the Wild Family was the best decision I made all year.”

~ Jen Lee
Award-Winning Filmmaker
Author and Multimedia Producer

“In the early days of the pandemic, I was drawn to Laurie’s generous offering of 27 Wildest Days as a way to make sense of my swirling emotions and document this monumental season. Those 27 Days were like a balm I didn’t know I needed. Hearing Laurie voice powerful poetry, distill writing prompts, and dispense feral writing wisdom each day has helped orient me this spring like nothing else. I immediately signed up to for her Wild Writing program and while I’m behind on my writing, I find solace in at listening to her video clips. If she offers a lifetime membership, I’m totally signing up. If ever there was a moment in history to say yes to Laurie’s Wild Writing offerings, it’s now. She’s everything and then some.”

~ Danna Schmidt

“I can think of no better way to walk through ‘the wild’ of this COVID-19 experience than Wild Writing with Laurie at my side. For almost four years I have been struggling to write anything at all, our world such a cauldron of chaos, and then I returned to this beautiful practice where anything goes and I don’t have to pretend this too shall pass. And the poetry, oh the poetry. Balm to a wounded soul.”

~ Sue Ann Gleason

“To say that Wild Writing has been (and continues to be) a transformative experience for me is not hyperbole. Every video brings Laurie’s beautiful presence, her easy-going commentary, her steadfast confidence in the practice we share, and then of course the poem or text she shares. Always thoughtfully chosen for its relevance, its universality, its beauty, and its impact, she reads it to me (well, to all of us, but in the quiet of my living room, it feels like she reads to me alone) while I listen, sometimes with eyes closed, letting it wash over me like a gentle mist. And then, the words come from somewhere within me, onto the pages of my journal. As I look back over the past few months, I can see and feel the gradual opening of my heart over this time of wild writing. I am in the practice now, in this writing practice that I had no idea that I needed. I am forever grateful for this incredible gift that has blessed my life immeasurably and in turn the world around me.”

~ Linda Myrick

“Participating in Laurie’s 27 Days of Wild Writing began a journey that has brought me deeper into myself. I have gained insight and permission to just write whatever is lurking beneath my conscious mind. The kindness, gentleness and permission Laurie offers daily is soothing to the body and soul in these dark and chaotic times. I can’t recommend Laurie and her classes highly enough!”

~ Ann Sheppard

“Wild Writing saved me during this pandemic and having Laurie greet me every morning was the icing on the cake. Her loving presence via video, reassuring us we are all in this together propelled me into another Groundhog Day, and then another. Writing became my best friend and best spiritual tool, allowing me to face my grief head-on and always, always move through it to the beauty and gratitude. (Until the next day when the cycle started over!) Laurie is an exceptional teacher and a beautiful human! Her authenticity is contagious and I promise you she will make you a better writer as she guides you into finding your genuine and authentic voice and truths. And the added gift of the Wild Writing Family, a safe and loving place to share with other Wild Writers has woven an exquisite tapestry of community that will long endure beyond the pandemic.”

~ Patricia Meyer

“Laurie is a midwife of the soul who holds a wide-open, humble, loving, transformational space that allows her Wild Writing technique – a technique of the sacred to do its magic on us. Through Laurie’s expertise, this exquisite work, is a healing balm in these times – it is personally assisting me to move through, to process, the overwhelm of these days while opening the floodgates of life force and creativity. Laurie is a modern day muse!”

~ Carol Marks

“Laurie Wagner’s Wild Writing prompts are often a highlight of my day in this “Age of Covid” when life seems to be at a standstill and so much of what we have always done is on hold. Laurie has a gift of finding just the right poem to read as inspiration. When she introduces a poem, I always feel as if she is right in this ‘covid’ experience with me and knows where my head and heart are at. She speaks to us as friends, as we are all in this crazy time together. Before I became involved with Wild Writing, I had been totally uninspired to write due to all that is happening in the world. Laurie changed that for me by showing that we can use our own lives as they are at the moment (along with a relevant poem), as inspiration. I am grateful for Laurie’s Wild Writing prompts and the writing that has resulted for me.”

~ Mary

“I have taken Laurie’s Wild Writing and Wildest Writing online courses and I am now a member of the Wild Writing Family. Wild writing is the best gift I have ever given myself. It has helped me find my voice and changed my life for the better. Here I connect with myself and others and am nourished and nurtured. With each poem and jump offline I am inspired and my imagination is unleashed and free to dance wildly across the blank page. I never know where I will end up and I have discovered that is exactly where I want to be. I have learned a lot about myself by getting out of my own way. Laurie is a compassionate person and gifted writer who shares numerous writing tips and her own personal stories along with the poems and suggestions for jump off lines for us to nibble on. I never thought I would share my writing with others but here I feel safe and supported to do so. For me, Wild Writing is like coming home to myself. I have always been a writer at heart and now I am a writer in practice.”

~ Karen VandenBos

“Wild Writing very quickly became a safe haven for me, away from the chaos of the outside world and even the inside of my own head. It gives me an opportunity to zone out and then latch onto something else that would otherwise not have been found. I record my reading of my writing and that process, too, has become something of an escape. The family of wild writers in the Facebook group is a warm and welcoming crowd unlike any I have known before, and people’s civility to fellow members is a credit to everyone involved. Try it.”

~ Andrew Fox