A personal invitation to both women and men to join an online small group Wild Writing class …

That’s right…

We’re going to Wild Write together. It’s a way to connect our wild voices + our wild lives, diving deep and writing together.

Wild Writing is a timed writing process that we use to tell our stories to uncover the themes we want to write about.

For 15 minutes we write as fast as we can, pen never leaving the page. By writing quickly we are able to push past our inner critic and our ego and all the ways we stay trapped in looking good. This gives us a chance to move into a less self-conscious, loose groove where, if we’re lucky we may stumble into the fertile imagination that lingers within us, conjuring up stories and memories that are waiting to be written.

After we write we read our work aloud. We don’t critique, we just listen. We do this several times within the session. This technique, while very therapeutic, is also a wonderful way to jumpstart any good writing project because it helps you get to the chewy nougat of what you are trying to say. We keep the groups small, no more than 7-8 writers. It’s intimate and powerful.

New this year! We are bringing on four very fine Wild Writing teachers for the winter class series, women who I had the pleasure to train in the last few years, and who I have every confidence in.

If you’ve been curious about what it would be like to be in a small, devoted group of Wild Writers who not only write together every week, but who read their work aloud to one another, please consider joining a class beginning in January 2023. These women are beautiful writers who have been studying with me for a number of years, people I trust and love writing with.

They’ll be teaching for 27 Powers, and will share Wild Writing exactly as I do. Please read their bios below. Their classes are offered on different days + times, and are 10 weekly sessions.

Please contact us if you have questions!

Susan Vespoli

I am a devout believer in the power of writing to heal/transform/illuminate. After many years running a Montessori school, I earned my MFA in poetry and nonfiction.

In 2018, I discovered Laurie and the Wild Writing method and thought, eureka! This is what I’ve been looking for. I so believe in the power of this practice. After finishing the Wild Writing Teacher Training in 2019, I began to lead virtual writing circle workshops based on Wild Writing for writers.com. I love watching people bloom as they let their words flow unedited into their journals.

I continue to write my own essays and poems, most of which emerge in rough form via the Wild Writing technique. My work has been published in Rattle, Nailed Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, and others. I have two poetry books, Blame It on the Serpent (Finishing Line Press, Jan. 2022) and Cactus as Bad Boy (Kelsay Books, Aug. 2022), and two chapbooks by Dancing Girl Press.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with three mostly mellow rescue dogs: Frida, Sasha, and LuLu.

Kimmy Moss

Up until discovering Wild Writing in 2020, I spent the majority of my life sprinting around a soccer field or track, in pursuit of high performance and peak physical fitness. I was a two-sport Division I NCAA athlete at George Mason University, where I earned both my BA and MA in Communication. I’ve coached competitive soccer and strength & conditioning, taught Communication to college students and English to high schoolers, and even created LA’s first comprehensive breathwork, ice bath & sauna program, Breath & Exposure.
 During the 2022 Wild Writing Teacher Training, Laurie nicknamed me “Teenage Sunshine in a Bottle.” About that… it’s so accurate it’s pretty funny. I’m a high-voltage human with an infectious spunk, a lover of language and public speaking, and a fierce protector of holding interpersonal space. All this to say, no amount of trophies or titles I’ve ever accumulated are worth a fraction of the peace of mind I unlocked when I finally retired from perfectionism, thanks to Laurie’s guidance, and the magical practice that is Wild Writing.

So, consider me your Authenticity Doula, reporting for duty! Wild Writing is the most impactful, nourishing, and best contributor to holistic health that I’ve ever come across. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Mollie McNeil

The day I wandered into Laurie Wagner’s Wild Writing class ten years ago in Berkeley, California, a new career for me as a writer, teacher and workshop leader was jump-started. Initially, I found riffing off lines of poetry and sharing my fresh words with others daunting and uncomfortable. I was a self-conscious perfectionist and my doctoral program in English left me bruised from nonstop critique. But once I relaxed and trusted the nonjudgmental format of the class, beautiful things began to happen. Writing quickly forced me to let my hair down, explore new ideas, joke around, ask questions and take risks. Soon, writing became easy, fun and freeing. By the end of the class, sharing intimate stories in community became as energizing and creative as dancing or singing.

Through Wild Writing, I found my authentic voice, zeroed in on key personal themes, and eventually turned my emotional truths into fictional characters.  I have now published seven short stories, a personal essay and am just finishing up a novel. None of this would have happened without the confidence I gained in my Wild Writing classes. And as a side bonus, I made good friends who have shared their flourishing writing journeys with me.

Wild Writing Classes

(Next series of classes will begin the first week of April!)

Wild Writing (Women Only) ONLINE :: Tuesdays, 9-10:30am PT

10-weeks with Susan Vespoli (Beginning Tuesday, January 10, 2023)

Cost :: $447 or 2 x $223.50

Wild Writing (Women + Men) ONLINE :: Thursdays, 5-6:30pm PT

10-weeks with Kimmy Moss (Beginning Thursday, January 12, 2023)

Cost :: $447 or 2 x $223.50

Wild Writing (Women-Only) ONLINE :: Sundays, 10-11:30am PT

10-weeks with Mollie McNeil (Beginning Sunday, January 15, 2023)

Cost :: $447 or 2 x $223.50

Comments from Wild Writing students …

“Writing with Laurie, seeing her vulnerability and honesty, made me braver. It’s that particular kind of courage, the willingness to be harmed, to make a fool of yourself, to offer someone a thing they could use to hurt you if they wanted, to risk being wrong, that encouraged me to show up, to go deeper, to say the very thing I didn’t want to say but so desperately needed to. It gave me confidence in my writing, in the way my friend Susan Piver defines it, “the willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment.

~ Jill Salahub

“I look forward to the Wild Writing practice as it gives me space to clear my mind and move into my day with a fresh perspective. It’s like a different kind of meditation to me – thoughts come and as they do, I write them down and let them go as my pen move along the page. I listen to my mind and let it say what it wants, without judgment. In that regard, it’s a healthy exploration and allows me to dive into what is inside and wants to come out. The exercise itself is very powerful and can be a very healing practice. Laurie’s teaching and writing prompts are thoughtful and thought provoking.
~ Rebecca Baer

Mollie created these moments that allowed us to build our confidence, to be heard, to listen, explore, scribble, cross out, kick and scream, ponder, and discover what could be! Truly, truly incredible. We ARE writers, and Mollie helped us discover this AND reawaken this.
~ Sue Izzo