21 Days of Pen to Page

:: A Wild Writing Practice ::

What if writing could be easy? What if the secret to writing well was to relax, soften your belly, take a breath and simply speak with your natural voice on the page?

A lot of us are burdened by what we think good writing is. We often think we need to be smarter or more clever in order to write something people will be interested in. In fact, it’s the opposite. If you want people to connect to your work, don’t show them how smart you are; show them how real you are. That’s what people are hungry for – the real you.

Wild Writing is the most simple, most deep writing practice that you will find. Its aim is to help you move past the critical voice so that you can relax into the sound of your natural voice and so that you can write in a more honest, more authentic way.

21 Days of Pen to Page is a wonderful way to get started with Wild Writing.

21 Days of Pen to Page is a NEW Wild Writing series that starts now!

This course is self-paced and guided by me: you’ll receive an email with my personally created and curated video writing prompts… every day for 21 days. 

21 Days of Pen to Page

Lifetime access to the course for just $49!

A NEW Wild Writing Series Delivered Daily to Your Inbox

Here are some of the things you’ll learn…

  • How to get past the critical voice in your head and get a lot of ink on the page.
  • How to follow your intuition, letting it guide the words coming out of you.
  • How to fall into the flow of unedited writing and get a little lost.
  • How to land in your native voice and not get trapped in sounding writerly.
  • How to put some skin in the game, open the kimono and tell the truth on the page.
  • How to let go of the concept of good or bad writing and simply write.
  • How to be comfortable being uncomfortable so you can stay with the writing even when you don’t like it.
  • How to move past journaling and into more of a story.

“Though I’ve been a student of Laurie’s Wild Writing classes for over a dozen years, I can say that Laurie’s 27 Wilder Days series is as fresh and powerful as Laurie’s live class. Each daily prompt quietly inspires, ignites, and nourishes the writing practice.”

~ Becky Ruiz Jenab

“I love what Laurie created with this virtual wild writing. Poetry as a portal to writing is fantastic, and I really enjoyed the authors shared. The simplicity and authenticity of the invitation to put some skin in the game, to show up was very compelling and freeing.”

~ Theresa Proenza


Will Wild Writing make me a better writer?

Definitely. Learning to write without editing is a beautiful way to find the flow and flow is what you want when you’re writing.

Will you teach me anything about grammar and punctuation?

Nope. We’re up to something entirely different here.

What style of writing can I do with Wild Writing?

Poetry, prose, personal essay. I have seen fiction writers use Wild Writing, but it’s really great for personal writing.

Can I turn this writing into blog posts or personal essays?

You sure can. That’s what I do.

What if I want to share the work?

Sign up with a friend, do the writing together and read to one another. Or find a loving friend who thinks you’re the bee’s knees and loves the sound of your voice.

Does this class have a start date?

Nope, it’s self-paced. When you sign up it starts.

What if I can’t keep up with the daily writing prompts?

No problem. You’ll always have access to them. Go at your own pace.

“Laurie will ask tough and often provocative questions. She’ll urge you to think beyond what you’ve thought before and to go places you might not want to go. Trust her. She knows what she’s doing. Listen, take it all in, and most importantly, put forth the effort. I went from being an expat housewife to #1 New York Times bestselling author. I don’t know that I could have done it without Laurie’s wisdom and guidance. If I can do it, so can you.”

~ Lisa McCubbin

“I loved the whole process. The videos. The poems. The jumping off options.

I set an intention to do more writing or activities that would support more writing. I booked two trips. One was for a week in Mexico where I read a book a day for a week. I was inspired by one of the books I read and have now booked for a week-long writing retreat in Portugal.”

~ Mary Catalfo


Additional questions?

My team and I are happy to help … email us at hello@27powers.org

Wild Writing is a beautiful practice for writers at any level, and certainly for people who have never picked up a pen and given writing a try.

I hope you’ll join me for 21 Days of Pen to Page; it is a wonderful way to jumpstart your Wild Writing home practice.