The Wild Writing Teacher Training is a 5-month-long class for men and women who want to learn how to lead this life-changing writing process that invites people to show up on the page in a deeply powerful and authentic way. The teacher training will take trainees into the depth of their own writing, guide them into leadership, and show them how to create, market, and run their own Wild Writing workshops.

Our work together will be deep, rich, edgy, illuminating, intimate and real.

Starting on January 11, 2022, we will dive head first into the rich world of what it means to…

Show up as your most authentic, unbuttoned, naked self on the page so that you can model that for others.

Tell the truth in ways that you’ve never even told yourself.

Become an inspired leader who can hold a sacred, safe space for others to courageously come out from behind their façade, using words and telling stories that they’ve held deep within them and longed to share.

Create your own Wild Writing group, whether that means bringing this tool to the groups you already work with as a therapist, coach or yoga teacher, or starting from scratch, building a collection of classes that in time will add to your income.

Crack people open in ways traditional methods can’t always get to. Sometimes I describe these classes as healing workshops disguised as writing workshops, though brilliant writing comes from them too.



Over the course of our 5 months together…

I will share with you everything I have learned about Wild Writing over the last 20 years of teaching; how I take risks, and how I have learned how to write and lead from the current of my own sharp edge.

You will deepen

your own writing and become even more comfortable being uncomfortable–one of the main tenants of Wild Writing!

You will learn

to comfortably sit with the emotions and messy lives of others, holding them with compassionate boundaries so that they can safely share their work without the circle turning into a therapy session.

You will be invited

to become a radical change-maker in your own community, effecting the lives of those around you who will then go on to inspire others.

This work is about healing the world through authentic writing.

This work is about becoming

a leader who shows up in brave and authentic ways.

This work is about helping

people make peace with what is true in their lives and to find the voice to speak it.

This work is about changing

the waters of your community, one word at a time.

This work is about helping

people tap into their authentic selves and to then take that authenticity and make it real in their lives.

This group is for you if…

… you recognize that the times we live in call for revolutionary work, and you’re looking for a way to show up in your community as an impactful leader and change-maker.

…you already work with people and you’re craving a new tool that will help your clients unpack the gold inside of them in an even deeper, more profound way.

…you’re looking to build a business as a writing teacher and add to your income, eventually, perhaps, over time, making Wild Writing the bulk of your income.

…you yearn to go even deeper with your own writing, taking risks and becoming an even juicier writer than you already are.

…you want to become a more in-demand leader in your field as a yoga teacher, therapist, coach or workshop leader because you’ll be adding a tool that no one else is using and which will add significant value to your offering.

…you’re hungry for a supportive, creative community where you can do the deep, evocative work one can only do on the page.

…you’re the kind of person whose life is made richer by being in the presence of people who are telling the truth and who inspire you to do the same.

NOTE: Registration for the 2022 Wild Writing Teacher Training is open.

Please complete the application linked below. Thank you.

After you submit your application Laurie will review and send payment option links within 2 business days. Once your payment is received your registration will be confirmed and you will receive a welcome email with all introductory course information.

The Wild Writing Teacher Training is a group for people who want to contribute to their community in one of the richest and most healing ways I know; leading people into the depths of who they are, and inviting them to show up as authentically and powerfully as they can.


Wild Details

The Wild Writing Teacher Training is an intimate 5-month training. Enrollment is extremely limited.

As a member of our group, you will receive…

Weekly live, 2-hour video classes

Each week we’ll get on a video platform as a group for two hours. We’ll talk about the tenets of Wild Writing and then we’ll dive in and write for the rest of the session so that we can ground what we’re learning and make it real. Our group will be made up of 10 people and I will always be available and present in each class.

An invitation to our private Facebook Group

Our Facebook group will be a place for us to share writing prompts, our experiences with our writing, and to share ideas and get feedback on what it’s like to run our own writing group inside and outside of class.

Two weekend trainings

We will have two immersive retreats on Zoom so we can go even deeper into our writing together, go over what we’re learning and create a rich and supportive teaching community.

A chance to lead our class as well as support to start your own classes

During the first few months of the training, each trainee will have an opportunity to run our class and get feedback and support on their experience.

In the last few months of the training, trainees will be expected to create their own 4-week Wild Writing class out in the big wild world. We’ll support you every step of the way, everything from marketing your class, to organizing and setting up your groups, sharing writing prompts and giving you a community who has your back and who you can share your experience with and get feedback from as you go.

Small group coaching and support from me

Over the course of our 5-months I will coach participants in small groups for 45-minutes each month. Because I will have my eye on you throughout the training, I’ll be in a perfect position to focus my coaching on details that are specific to you. We will cover everything from how you can step into your leadership role in a more profound and powerful way, how you can deepen your writing so you can lead by example, as well as the details of how you’ll market and set up your own practice in your particular community. This is a $650 value.

Materials to help you run your class

I will share with trainees the writing prompts that catalyze great writing, the best of my 2000+ poetry collection, and all the hard earned lessons from over 20 years on the front lines of this transformational work.

Support in how to market your own group

Whether you’ll be bringing the tools of Wild Writing to your already existing community as a therapist, coach or yoga teacher and using the tools to deepen and help people unpack the rich landscape inside of them, or starting a group from the ground up, I will share with you how I began my own groups; gathering people, creating community and creating momentum in my business. Some of you might not want to create a Wild Writing group, which is fine. The training will take you even deeper into your own work as a writer.

A Wild Writing Certification

Each student will receive a certification of completion once they’ve finished the program. 

In short, you will have access to everything that I know about running Wild Writing classes and a chance to start your own business, if that is your wish.


Training Schedule:

Video Class Schedule

January 11 – May 31, 2022

Tuesdays, 8AM – 10AM Pacific

Please Note: If there are more than 10 applicants accepted for the program, we will have a second two-hour session on Tuesdays from 2-4pm Pacific.


First 2-Day Zoom Retreat [January 15-16, 2021]

Saturday / Sunday :: January 15-16, 2022

Times to be determined based on participant’s location.

Second 2-Day Zoom Retreat [June 4-5, 2021]

Saturday / Sunday :: June 4-5, 2022

Times to be determined based on participant’s location.




Early Bird Special: Sign up by December 15, 2021 and receive a $400 discount. $4000USD

Sign up after December 15th: $4,400USD

Payment plan available over 5 months.

I have a no refund policy. Because I’ll only be taking on a limited number of people to work with me, every seat is important. So make sure this is a fit for you before you sign up. Let the power of your commitment pull you forward, and get on the phone with me if you have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: After you submit your application I will review and arrange a call. Once your application has been accepted we will send early bird payment links for the program cost (your choice of a single payment or a 5-month payment plan). Once your payment is received your registration will be confirmed and you will receive a welcome email with introductory course information. Early Bird payment options are good until December 15.

“I found Laurie Wagner and her Wild Writing practice during a difficult period in my life. I had lost one of my four beautiful sons to cancer a year earlier and was seeking a way to write about his beauty. I found that through Wild Writing. What I also found, and wasn’t expecting to find, was a ballast through the storm of grief that let me know week by week that I was somehow going to be okay. Witnessing myself tell the truth of my love for him, the bitter struggle, and the building of a new life after we lost him, gave me strength and stability that was surprising and healing at the same time.

Because I found the Wild Writing process to be so beneficial to myself, I enrolled in Laurie’s Wild Writing Teacher Training in order to share it with my coaching clients. I was awestruck by her generosity, bravery, diligence, and care. Laurie is the real deal and showed us exactly how to teach her powerful writing practice and to build a thriving business around it. Her teacher training provides a clear and solid path for anyone seeking to do this work in the world. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to learn how to practice and teach this powerful writing method from Laurie.”

– Jen Ripa

“As I thought about the things I wanted, it became clear that a chance to work with Laurie on an intimate level was a golden opportunity.

I knew I would have access to her curriculum, to the thinking behind it, to her leadership strategies and most important, to this woman who cared about what others had to say and inspired them to harness their creative energy. I wasn’t disappointed.

Laurie gives so much of herself when she teaches. She models what she asks her students to do and is honest and open about her own writing process. She seeks out constructive criticism and helps her students grow into their best writing selves. Laurie encourages community, and for me, that has been a real bonus. I’ve met an incredible group of women through my training. We continue to Wild Write together when we can, sharing our stories and supporting each other as we step outside our group to grow our own Wild Writing opportunities.”

– Janis Brams

“Laurie embodies the leadership she teaches, and is a formidable champion for her students’ success. And then there’s the training. Like the practice of Wild Writing, Wild Writing Teacher Training is deep, life-changing work and an experience that, for me, was all elegance and ease.

I’m so thankful I read about Laurie’s Wild Writing Teacher Training that day! And that I acted on the full-body buzz I got in response. This is powerful stuff. First, there’s Laurie. She’s wise, loving, magnetic, and unapologetically herself. You’ll love her if you don’t already!  It’s magical, really. The training integrated content, practice, and support seamlessly. I got exactly what I wanted out of it, and more: confidence, courage, leadership skills, the focus to persevere, a website, and the start of my own teaching practice that feels like home. And the bonus: I ended up with a group of amazing women who are my colleagues, writing partners and, quite possibly, life-long friends.”

– Joyce Belcher

“Do it. Take Wild Writing Teacher Training.

Laurie brings all of herself to this training-gentleness, honesty, encouragement and huge generosity in sharing what she’s learned over the years. The teacher training has allowed me to deepen my writing practice and has helped me share this transformative way of writing with others as I develop my own business teaching in-person and online. You will also be so grateful for the other amazing students the class will connect you with, a Wild Writing tribe that will support you along the way.”

– Chris Chandler

Writer, Wild Writing Teacher

“I am so glad that I followed bread crumbs to the feast that the Wild Writing Teacher Training program turned out to be.

I successfully taught my very first writing retreat just six weeks after completing the training and I do not think that I could have brought that dream to reality without the support of Laurie and my Wild Writing Teacher Training classmates. I felt a calling to step into teaching writing, but I truly needed a supportive, safe, and structured program to help me manifest such a calling in the real world. After taking this class your life will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.”

– Madison Gray
Writer, Writing Teacher

“Laurie told us from the start that her training is not really about teaching writing, it’s about leadership.

She taught us, by example, how to bring our whole selves to the table every time we teach, just as we do every time we write. She taught us that leadership is not about some idealized notion of what a teacher is, but about showing up as our whole self every time, with enough confidence in ourselves and the process that we can model a free and committed writing process while still keeping our focus on the students. I’m now carving out my own niche as a teacher, and I will be ever grateful to Laurie for giving me the tools, confidence, and courage to embark on this path.”

– Tanya Shaffer
Actress, Writer, Writing Teacher

“It wasn’t until I took Laurie’s Wild Writing Teacher Training that my words started to reflect something more personal, more intimate. It was liberating. 

Laurie brought a disparate group of women together, helped us bond over our words, histories, and desire to use the Wild Writing process in our lives and work. Our writing practice was deepened and our hearts and minds were opened. And miraculously, we all became teachers!

Laurie is an inspirational teacher. You’ll meet great women. Your world will expand. You will fall in love with words. And your heart will burst open.”

– Ellen Fondiler

“This training has been a game changer for me. I knew I wanted writing to be a significant part of my life and learning to create and hold the space for Wild Writing has been the perfect answer to a deep longing.

Laurie is one of the most generous teachers I have ever worked with and I can still feel her determination to teach us all that she knows and to have us feel confident and bring it out. Some (many) teachers give off the vibe of ‘you have such a long way to go,’ but Laurie is the opposite. Her excitement in transmitting her wisdom and having you do the work and thrive doing it is palpable. I can’t recommend this training enough!”

– Laia Pedreño Mateu
Writer, Therapist

andrea“I’ve been Wild Writing with Laurie for more than 10-years and it has fundamentally changed my life and how I write. I think every great blog post I’ve ever written has come from a Wild Writing session. Laurie is so free, and the way she writes is exactly from her heart. Having her as a model has helped me to step into a kind of fearlessness that I never thought I had.” – Andrea Scher Superhero Life/Coach/Photographer

julie“When I’m alone, writing in my office and I come to something scary, I tend to think, “Oh, I can’t go there,” but I do go there with Laurie at the Wild Writing table, and that’s very important to me because there are very few places where you can sit down and write the truest truth. I wrote Dog Medicine framed by this class. Many of the realizations about my past and how I wanted to tell this story were born out of these sessions.”
– Julie Barton Hill
N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Dog Medicine

andrea“Laurie Wagner might be the most honest person I know. She is brimming with integrity, compassion and heart. Her teacher training course was a lesson in how to lead with strength, courage and conviction, and an education in how to live a life of passion, truth and care.

Laurie found the perfect balance between concretely teaching new skills and empowering her students to uncover their own capacity as leaders of a creative process.

Laurie revealed much of her personal process from how she chooses the pieces she reads for inspiration to the skills required to keep time and hold space. She taught us how to maintain structure so students can write safely and encouraged us to write about things that scared us so we can encourage other students to do the same.

Learning and writing with Laurie means you will test your own limits, explore your personal edge and arrive somewhere glorious, stronger, and more confident.”
– Kristin Berg

stephanie“I’ve been Wild Writing with Laurie since 2003. She’s an amazingly fearless teacher – a person with great depth as well as humor, who has created a rich community where writers are encouraged to explore whatever they want to within the safe confines of the group. I don’t edit myself anymore when I’m writing, and that’s very freeing. More creative things happen when I’m letting things rip and being more playful.”
– Stephanie Williamson
Photographer/ writer

“Before I came to Wild Writing I had a hard time finding my writer’s voice, but something about the way we write – fast and raw – and something about how we’re inspired to write the messy, gritty truth, has enabled me to cut through a lot of layers and help me get to the voice.

And when the group is writing like that, when I hear other people’s raw writing, I realize we’re all kooky crazy, and it frees me up because I don’t feel so ashamed of my own raw truth, and that effects my writing and my life outside of writing. It’s like, welcome to the party. Let’s write.”

– Lisa Russ


sherry“Laurie is magical. As a guide, she is able to create a space that feels like it can hold everything. It’s also fun and it’s safe and it’s oozing with creativity. Bill Cunningham, the photographer has this quote, “those who seek beauty are sure to find it,” and I always think of Laurie when I hear that quote because Laurie’s work is about seeking beauty, though that beauty may not always be what we think of as beauty. But that’s part of her ability – to see everything in our lives as beautiful because it’s coming through us.

Wild Writing has not only effected my writing, but I’ve been able to take the principles of Wild Writing – surrender, letting the story unfold, and being completely open to what wants to come through – into other areas of my life, and this has been life changing.”
– Sherry Belul
Conjurer of Joy & Magic at Simplycelebrate.net

rachel“I am much more apt to send people to Wild Writing than I am to send them get a therapist or a life coach or even take a walk in the woods. Wild Writing is the single most powerful practice for improving one’s mental health, and I have sent countless clients and friends to Laurie for that very reason.”

It’s the simplicity of the practice that makes it so powerful. Laurie role models so beautifully how to open yourself onto the page, how to side step your inner critic, and how to write without trying to impress anybody. She’s a gifted teacher, and I’m in awe of her ability to hold the space and allow us to leave more in touch with ourselves.”

Rachel Cole

sherry“The Wild Writing Teacher Training was a game-changer for me. Laurie had us start teaching before we felt ready, and I taught 8 classes while I was still in the training.  I’ve been dreaming of finding meaningful work that gives me space to be authentically myself.  I can honestly say I’ve found it through this training.

Laurie is a masterful writer and teacher who leads with humor and transparency.  She isn’t afraid to be raw and honest in her work, and that level of integrity is contagious.  She is an incredible mentor and guide.  If you get to be in the same room with Laurie, you’re very lucky.  You will be changed by it. “

– Katie Rudman


rachel“The Wild Writer Teacher training led me back to my passion for poetry and writing, taught me how to lead through that passion. Laurie is a gem – generous, solid, loving. Whether teaching Wild Writing is just a glimmer or you’re ready to launch, she meets you right where you are. These months for me were really all about relationships – with Laurie, with other amazing women, with myself. I walk away with riches of courage, support and sisterhood. Amazing experience.”

– Cynthia Berg


sherry“Laurie is an Alchemist as a teacher bringing together the perfect ingredients of poems, instructions, information and support to instill all of the teaching modalities and business practices as a foundation to stand on in a new business. Laurie teaches you how to become more of yourself as a leader, a writer and a business owner. She is simply the BEST!!

This training has provided me with way more than I thought it would. I thought I was just learning how to lead a writing class, but I was really learning how to become more of myself and how to support others in putting more of themselves on the page. Learning the practice of Wild Writing was amazing while still have some freedoms to make my classes my own.

I am so grateful to have experienced this class with Laurie and these amazing women. I have started a small business, made some amazing friends, quantum leaped as a writer and faced many fears with the loving support of Laurie and my writing sisters. We’re forever family now! Doing this together!”

– Toyia McCormack


rachel“Wild Writing Teacher Training has been a life-changing experience for me. I hadn’t met Laurie in person before this training began, but I knew from being in her online classes that this was a no-brainer for me, that I couldn’t be in better hands.

Laurie’s not some sage on a stage, but a real woman with a gift for leading others into this freedom practice called Wild Writing. I’m thankful for her honesty in service of being a good teacher. I appreciate Laurie’s ability to lead our group collectively while meeting each of us where we were on our journey as writers and teachers.

The training has been a powerful blend of writing (lots of writing!), personal and group coaching and creative inspiration. I began this process with money hang-ups and a terrible case of academic-induced perfectionism. Five months later, I can see the effects of this freedom practice in my life. What happens on the pages DOES flow out into daily life. I value the “space apart” that Wild Writing Teacher Training has provided for me.

Our weekly meetings, online interaction and in-person workshops have created a strong community and I am bolstered by the support of this amazing band of fellow Wild Writing teachers. What a gift. Laurie, thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us. I can’t wait to offer this powerful, healing practice to my community.”

– Liz Culpepper


“A couple years ago I took two of Laurie’s online Wild Writing classes. Every week, Laurie beautifully “held” the room. Our writing was always rich, and we connected deeply. What drew me to the Wild Writing Teacher Training program was my belief in Laurie’s greatness, my love for the process, and my wish to bring this magic to my community.

At every stage of our training, Laurie was vulnerable, committed and generous. She created an easy space for our experimentation. Always willing to change course and explain why, she insisted we take the practice and shape it in our own styles. Along with her gobs of guidance and support, she also suggested we teach each other: share achievements, feedback and life knowledge. These surprising gifts have helped me so much.

I loved learning from Laurie that we are all brilliant and making mistakes. We’re sometimes extroverted or introverted, beginners and experts. When Laurie had a tough day, she said so, and showed it in her writing. Throughout our five months together, her transparency was the gem that flashed the brightest.

Things that thrilled me about this program:
• Laurie
• My nine teacher-classmates
• Big lessons and learnings from Laurie and classmates
• Laurie’s writing + everyone’s writing + writing freely each week
• The teacher-friend community we formed—which will extend beyond these five months!
• Practice-teaching + commentary from classmates
• Weekly Facebook group support: camaraderie/companionship/encouragement
• Getting to know everyone in person (in Alameda) and writing around Laurie’s table
• Interaction with these beautiful people each week
• Accountability

– Traci Moore

rachel“I knew I wanted a community of other writer/teachers whom I could call on for advice and support. And I love the work. The training and the Wild Writing has changed my life and opened up portals.

Laurie has thought of many scenarios that we might encounter, from a difficult person at the table to how to manage when people unsubscribe, to coaching us how to market and set up websites, to how to deal with the video platform when someone falls off.

The reminder again and again to write badly, to take a risk, to dig a channel into the creative unconscious. I loved the juicy and productive weekends together, that little humming sparkling island in Alameda that is 27 Powers.

Laurie has modeled being:  brave, fearless, openhearted, strong, a willingness to show the soft underbelly of fear and uncertainty. She was willing to go out on a limb for work she believed in, encouraged us to get comfortable being uncomfortable, pushed us to listen to our instincts and shine a light where it needed shining — on that little thing we don’t want to talk about. She is patient and loving and firm and wanted us to fly. She seasoned the space with beauty and big courage.

I loved what Toyia – another trainee said once, “I get to be one of your seeds.”   And then there’s Rumi — “What you are seeking is also seeking you.” This, I think, is what it’s been about for me. Seeking and being a seedling to the next thing, so that I can then be the loam for someone else’s seedling. “

– Tina Cervin

“I had been ‘Wild Writing’ in Laurie’s FridayGroup for 2 years. Laurie offered this training and I enthusiastically applied. 5 months later, I feel blessed. I love ‘Wild Writing’. I love the opportunity to be real-authentic, and to be in a thoughtful community.
The training taught me how to go deeper, to trust, and to develop new professional friendships.

Laurie was available, she taught us about using ‘Story Slices’, writing from poem/prompts, and keeping the groups going. Both during my training as a psychotherapist, and as a Facilitator of SoulCollage®, I never learned how to be practical about marketing and ‘getting started’.

Laurie helped us all…she knows the ‘left brained side’ as well as the intuitive, creative part. Taking this training is a challenge, but one where I grew and have a wonderful new method to offer.”

– Fran L Cherlow MA, LMFT

rachel“Working with Laurie on the Wild Writing teacher training was beyond my expectations.
I learned so much from her experience, wisdom and kindness. Laurie approached the teaching with a vulnerability and openness that’s seen in her writing.

She wasn’t afraid to dive deep along with us. She is a beautiful person and an amazing teacher. I highly recommend this program.”

– Angie Wiseman