Wild Writing Teleconference – Thank You!

Writer! I’m thrilled that you’ll be joining us.


Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Mark your calendars for:

Thursday, December 18th @ 12 Noon Pacific

From your phone, call into this number at noon on the dot:

(559) 726-1200

You will be asked for your participant code:


You don’t need to wear a headset, but you will need a pen and paper/notebook handy. I’d rather people write with their actual hands than on a computer.

We’ll be on the call for one hour and we’ll probably write two times, depending on how many people are on the call. Everyone will be on mute as I introduce the Wild Writing process and as we write. There will be a chance to read your work aloud and you’ll hit *6 to let me know you want to read. It’s going to be great.

I willWild_Writing__1_ 2 send you a reminder the week of the 18th.

Can’t wait to write with you!


P.S. Want to read a little more about Wild Writing?

P.P.S This information will also be sent to your email address. Add it to your calendar event, too!