Telling True Stories: An Online Writing eCourse with Laurie Wagner

Spring 2017 [details coming soon…]

You know those crazy, amazing, touching and totally ordinary experiences you have every day?

  • They’re your best writing material. The meat + potatoes of your memoir.
  • The pulse of your poetry. The a-HAs! of your personal essays.
  • You just need to notice — and capture — the details.
  • And when you do, you’ll notice a new companion, blinking into consciousness.
  • It’s your Inner Writer. She’s wide awake. And she wants to play.

The eCourse

Telling True Stories is for writers of every age from all around the world. It’s an invitation to bring your private observations + secret truths to life. To move through the world with a writer’s ears + eyes — as you channel the stories that are closest to your heart.

With Telling True Stories, you’ll receive weekly writing assignments to help you capture + write down the quiet, everyday stories that are knocking at your soul’s door. You’ll also receive inspiring interviews with powerhouse authors, and access to a supportive creative community of like-hearted writers — your peers + partners, through the e-course.

If the idea of stepping into a virtual writing studio — somewhere to practice your craft + create something meaningful — tugs at your heart, Telling True Stories was created for YOU.

7 Ways to Tell if You’re Ready for Telling True Stories

  • >> You walk around thinking, “I’ve got to write that down . . . “
  • >> You keep saying you’ll write when you have the time, but the time never comes.
  • >> You still cherish all the nice things your English teacher said to you about your work, all those years ago.
  • >> Your text messages deserve to be printed, framed + presented in an art gallery.
  • >> You read books, poems + articles and think, “I could’ve written this . . . only I would have done THIS instead . . .”
  • >> People are always telling you that you should write.
  • >> You believe in your secret heart that you are a writer.


What to Expect When You’re Telling True Stories

  • >> You’ll see the story in the trail of laundry your daughter has left on the stairs
  • >> You’ll see the story in the old woman sorting through trash.
  • >> You’ll find a penny on the ground and turn it into a poem.
  • >> You’ll see the metaphor in a sink full of dishes.
  • >> You’ll wake up in the night hearing lines you need to write down.
  • >> You’ll listen past what people say and start listening for what isn’t being said.
  • >> The supermarket line will become story central.
  • >> You won’t be able to write fast enough.
  • >> You’ll align with what’s real, urgent + true for YOU — as your choices + actions true up with your writing.

Why I’d LOVE to Be Your

Writing Teacher and Truth-Telling Guide

>> I love true stories. Truly, madly, deeply. And I’ve devoted the past 25 years to the practice of noticing my real life, telling the truth, and standing in the power of my words.

>> With Telling True Stories, I’ve created a safe + supportive environment for all

kinds of writers to access their natural voices, and get to the exquisite center of what they want to say.

>> I trust that when we tell our true stories on paper, we are pulled to align with what’s true in our lives . . . and as we move into alignment, we are transformed.

>> After 25 years of writing + working with thousands of writers at all levels, I’ve learned that there are three things that get people writing consistently: prompts, deadlines + community support. If that’s what you need (and you know it) then Telling True Stories is for you.

>> Want to learn more about me — about my 7 published books, the storytelling project that earned my creative partner and I an Academy Award nomination, and my short-lived career as an amateur racquetball champion? Head over here.


Q: “Will you be reading and editing our work each week?”
A: Work will be seen and read by the community, and writers will be encouraged to read and share their thoughts with each other. I will be looking at the writing too, though won’t comment on each piece you send, but rather will give feedback and send writing tips to the group as a whole.

Q: “I’m so busy, how much time will I have to commit each week?”
A: Each week you will receive three emails from me – two short writing lessons as well as an interview with a seasoned writer who I admire. The lessons are meant to inspire and get you moving. You will also receive four writing prompts during the week and an invitation to send one of your pieces to the class by Sunday night. You can write as much during the week as you like, or as little as you have time for. If you had one and a half hours during the week to write you’d have enough time to do something you’d be proud of.

Q: “I’ve only journaled before. I don’t know if I’m really a writer.”
A: Sure you are. And this class is a perfect chance to come out of the closet and into the light of day, make some friends and write about new things. It’s a perfect next step for a person who has spent a lot of time in their journal.

Q: “I still have questions, can we talk?”
A: Definitely. Email me!