Weekend Writing Retreat with Deena Metzger 2019


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A Weekend Writing Retreat with the unforgettable Deena Metzger

A poet, novelist, essayist, storyteller and medicine woman who has taught and counseled for over forty years, Deena has spent a lifetime investigating Story as a form of knowing and healing. As a writer, she asks: Who do we have to become to find the forms and sacred language with which to meet these times?

Deena is a teacher’s teacher, and she’s been my mentor for 15 years. I wouldn’t be the writer or the teacher I am without her guidance. Writing with Deena is an unforgettable experience that leaves everyone who works with her changed. Whether you’re a new writer who is beginning to explore your stories and find a voice to tell them, or a more seasoned writer who wants to continue to unpeel the layers and go even deeper, this writing retreat will serve you.

Through writing and discussion we will move into the layered worlds of our stories. We’ll discover new aspects of the story that we didn’t know existed. You will write all weekend, you will be witnessed, you will be heard and ultimately you will leave knowing where the heart of your story lives and how to pursue it.

We will keep the group to 15 writers – men and women alike. A list has started of people who want to come, so if you’re serious about studying with Deena, it is advised to purchase a ticket sooner than later.