Writing as Medicine …

Four Days of Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner

What an incredible couple of years it’s been.

So much of what we relied on or assumed was ours has changed; friendships, the environment, the way we work, our families, our ideas about the future, travel, all those plans we made.

If the lesson is surrender, what can we count on?

As a creative person – even in the swirl of change – I rely on the medicine of Wild Writing. This is the way I connect to my instinct, my intuition, and the sound of my own voice – all things I need to navigate this world with, especially at this time.
More than a writing practice, Wild Writing is the way I orient myself toward authentic living, right speech and right livelihood.

It’s the way I learn to pay attention to the smallest things: the catch in a friend’s voice, the way my daughter looks down when she talks about being alone, the patch of sun on the couch every afternoon, the eyes of a masked student I recognize in the market even though we’ve only met on Zoom. Wild Writing has me become more aware of the world I live in. It wakes me up and asks me to get present to the way things are, and to find my voice in all that unknown. That’s powerful medicine.

For the last couple of years, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been Wild Writing weekly with a group of people from all around the world. We are learning, as a family of Wild Writers, to do this deep, waking-up kind of writing together and it is changing our lives.

I want to invite you to four FREE sessions of Wild Writing ::
Tuesday, July 12th (Live Class at 1pm Pacific)
Wednesday, July 13th (pre-recorded video)
Thursday, July 14th (pre-recorded video)
Friday, July 15th (Live Class at 1pm Pacific)

Calls will be recorded and access sent to all registered participants within 12 hours of each call.