Become a spy in the house of story – one moment at a time


Because you stumble

into intimate scenes everyday – moments others might miss – at the market, at a party, on the street. Because you appreciate words. Because you are that persistent observer, that person who overhears conversations, who notices an old woman bending down to pull up a stocking, or your child trying on possible smiles in the mirror.

Because most of all you want to capture and share those moments, to capture scenes more vividly. There are people, places and memories you want to be able to evoke – like the time you came across your father’s prayer book and saw that he’d ferociously scribbled notes and questions into every line, and which seemed to reveal a kind of agitated questioning that you’d always felt around him. And how much that reminded you of the movie, Beautiful Mind.

A wise woman once said, “Every big story is at heart a mosaic of moments.” The world is littered with these moments – Brief slices when a story comes alive and which can be captured easily and without effort. All you need to do is take a moment to see what’s in front of you, let it touch you and make a note. That’s how we move through the world more creatively – That’s how we transcend our ordinary lives into a work of art.

These are Story Slices

How it Works: Simple and Smooth

Each week I’ll send you tips to help you identify where your own stories might live, as well as instructions on how to write about them in an interesting way. You’ll be able to upload as many as five pieces a week to share with our group. All you’ll need is a simple camera app on your phone and the ability to set aside a few minutes every few days to do some writing.

The point is to notice, capture, record and move on. This is how we weave the creative into our lives.

Within a month you will have 15-20 story slices, which you’ll put together in a book. When seen as a whole, these Story Slices will document the story of where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, and what those moments meant to you. But more than just a travel journal, Story Slices is an opportunity to dig deeper, to increase your awareness and understanding about what stories interest you most, and then to create a piece of writing that’s meaningful and powerful – a story that might well reveal as much about you as its subjects.


Story Slices Online – Summer 2017

Dates to be announced …



A Process and a Value

Making art and walking the world with more creative intention will change your life because it gives your spirit something deeply interesting to pursue. The ordinary scene or story – the very things we pass by everyday – will become extraordinary – and that changes everything.

Questions you might have:

But I’m not a photographer!

Neither am I , but we can’t let that stop us – and luckily there are plenty of camera apps on our smart phones that will make us look like photographers. Plus, I’ll be sharing some cool apps I’ve found, and some simple ways to get a good shot. And if you don’t get a good shot, don’t sweat it. Take another.

I’m not a writer!

You don’t have to be, but you may surprise yourself. These beautiful little Story Slices will invite you to become a better writer because they’re going to ask you to find the words to describe something beautiful and interesting. We all want to communicate the beauty and the trouble around us, and I’ll help you to do that in a simple way.

I don’t have time!

Most of you carry your phones with you. You simple task: Remember to pull them out, snap some shots and take a few minutes each week to do a little writing. As you see other people posting their work you’ll feel inspired to create and share your own. And it’s funny how time shows up when we’re doing things we love.

Are you going to be commenting on the work?

I will be commenting on at least one piece a week of yours.

Am I going to be inundated with emails and feel like I do in all my other on-line classes where I fall behind?

Nope. I will only send you three short and sweet emails a week. I’ll make a few suggestions, point you ever so slightly in new directions and set you free.

This class is perfect for you if you:

>> Want to wake up the artist inside of you

>> Don’t have a lot of time, but feel the urge to create something simple everyday

>> Are someone who stumbles into stories; the kind of person who nudges a friend and says, “look.”

>> Find that working with a community of creative people inspires you

>> Are a person who wants to communicate the moments of your life in a rich and full of feeling way



Story Slices Online – Summer 2017

Dates to be announced …