Embracing Our Shadow: Expressing The Hidden Parts of Ourselves to Make Our Writing Stronger.

With poet, author and master coach Nancy Levin

Photo Credit Oiselle Ryan Warner

Live Online :: Monday, July 15th 2024 (8-9:30am Pacific)

As writers, our deepest fears and greatest desires often live in the shadows, the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. Yet, it is in these shadows that our most compelling stories reside.

Please join 27 Powers and Nancy Levin, author of the recently released, Embrace Your Shadow to Find Your Light, for an opportunity to explore the stories we’re afraid to share, and experience what happens when we have the courage to release them onto the page.

Shadow work involves exploring the parts of ourselves that we’ve denied, repressed, or disowned. The parts we don’t want to be and don’t think we are, as well as the parts we’d like to be but think we’re not.

And yet, whatever you are hiding, withholding, feeling shame or embarrassment about, whatever you don’t want anyone else to know, is the golden key that will ultimately connect you with your ideal reader and allow them to deeply resonate.

In this class we will:

Identify Your Shadows:

Reflect on the parts of your life you tend to avoid or diminish, as well as the emotions, experiences, or parts of your personality that you typically avoid or suppress. Identify life events you have been hesitant to explore in your writing, and areas where you have censored your creativity out of fear, judgment or embarrassment.

Use Life Lessons as Key Themes:

Let the lessons you’ve learned from your shadows become central themes in your writing. Themes like resilience, transformation, or redemption can add a powerful dimension to your story.

Maintain Your Authentic Voice:

As you explore your shadows, ensure that your unique voice and perspective remain at the heart of your narrative. This authenticity is what will connect with your readers.

Revisit Old Stories About our Worth as Writers:

What are the stories we tell ourselves about our worth and capabilities as writers? How have the narratives and stories we’ve internalized about our talent and potential shaped our writing journey?

Write From Your Whole Self:

Embrace vulnerability in our writing. Authentic narratives come from acknowledging both our strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself what lessons you have learned from the darker chapters of your life, and consider how bringing these stories to life is healing for you as the writer, and healing for the reader.

Our class will help you uncover these hidden treasures, allowing your true voice to shine through in your writing.

Live Online ::
Nancy Levin & Laurie Wagner

Monday, July 15th, 2024: 8-9:30am Pacific

PLEASE NOTE: For those who can’t make the live call or who want to review, the video replay will be sent within 24 hours of the live call.

NANCY LEVIN, certified master coach, bestselling author of several books, podcast host and founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, is an expert in shadow work, exploring your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you’ve repressed and hidden. Nancy was trained and mentored by Debbie Ford who is credited with bringing the concept of shadow work to a mass audience and Nancy was personally selected by Debbie to carry on her legacy. She is also is a certified Wild Writing coach and has been a member of the Wild Family since its inception in 2020. Visit her site at https://nancylevin.com/.

Live Online ::

Nancy Levin & Laurie Wagner

Monday, July 15th, 2024: 8-9:30am Pacific

I’m excited to be partnering with Chapter 510, a nonprofit group in Oakland serving black, brown, and queer kids, ages 7- 18. Chapter 510 is a writing, bookmaking & publishing center that wants every young person in Oakland to write with confidence and joy. Chapter 510 believes that writing is an act of liberation, and that young people transform themselves and their communities when they write and get published, succeeding in work, school, and life. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to supporting their free creative writing programs for black, brown, and queer youth.