If you’re reading this post it means I’ve launched my new website and e-Course, Telling True Stories, and am hopefully squirreled away somewhere taking a wee breather so I can celebrate.

That’s a little lie …if you know me you know I don’t take wee breathers very often – though I am sitting in bed with coffee, next to my husband and our dog on a sunny Saturday morning – which is like a vacation – except that Mark, my husband, is also my web guy, and he keeps pestering me to send him the blog, “and to make it short!”

So here’s what I want to say…

I am in awe of the creative journey and what it means to be in the bosom of a creative process for nearly a year – to go from the “I have an idea,” phase to the “launching a project for real phase,”   – especially when no one is waiting for you to finish anything, when deadlines are self imposed and getting it done is going to mean the most to you.

I am humbled by what it takes to want something and see it through. I hope to write more about this in coming blogs – but I will say one thing here – I couldn’t have done this without my whippersnapper of a coach, Rachel Cole, who I made promises to – getting her new ideas each week – listening to her feedback – going back to the drawing board, and slowly, slowly making my way from idea to reality over the course of 8 months. Accountability is everything, and I am grateful for my creative community of friends who listened and read and gave me feedback – Mark Wagner, Andrea Scher, Maya Stein, Sherry Richert Belul, Kirsten Soares, Stefanie Renee Lindeen, Leah Shaver, Entropic Studio, Kate Swoboda and many more. I could not have done it without them.

Welcome to 27 Powers!