Well, the half and half is gone, but we have plenty of oat milk.

And I just peeled the almost dead tangerine, and put half of it in front of my daughter, who is working from the kitchen table.

A week ago I might have tossed that tangerine in the compost pile, but now everything seems precious. Especially these things that come from Mother Earth, a term I never related to before – the earth as my mother – but now I see how wasteful I have been.

Last night, putting away the bits of onion and mushroom leftover from the scrambled eggs we made for dinner, I reached for a fresh plastic baggie in the box, then put it away, and grabbed a small glass jar instead.

And lights and water. Everything is precious. I have more than I need. And isn’t it beautiful, this resilience, this way we can turn towards ourselves, and that line I remember, “want what you have, not what you don’t have.”

We will drink coffee with oat milk. And when that is gone we will mix coffee with butter and MCT oil. And when that is gone we will drink our coffee black, and when the coffee is gone we will switch to tea. And when the tea is gone we will begin the day with water – something our Mother, our Mother Earth is still generously providing for us.

Thank you Mother, thank you for everything.