Friends, artists, activists, writers, and lovers of everything beautiful,

Our world is spinning off its axis.

We lost Tom Petty, Las Vegas is reeling, Puerto Rico is still waiting, Florida and Mexico are recovering. Not to mention all the people we love who are sick, or in trouble or scared.

It’s hard to know how to respond in a way that matters.

Gandhi says, “Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.”

So we do the one or two things we can do; The music makers make music, the bakers bake, the artists paint. If you do yoga, do it with love, if you teach, teach with love. Call your mother, tell your siblings you love them, pet your cat. Pray. Be grateful. If you breathe without a tube, bow down. If you walk without assistance, go you! If all you can scrape up is a smile for someone you pass on the street, it’s plenty. Pick up trash, catch your hand before it hits the horn, forgive someone, let them off the hook because they probably didn’t mean to hurt you.

Be kind.

I listen to music, I get out into the dirt, hang with friends, make things with my hands, love on my children.

I also write – which is my way of taking the chaos and the beauty that’s inside of me and bring it out into the world – for my own healing and the healing of others.

It’s craziness out there. So much is flying at us and it’s hard to hold. If you’re needing a way to assemble your thoughts on paper, join me this coming Saturday morning, October 7th, 10-11am Pacific on Facebook Live for a live Wild Writing session. Think of it as one hour of your day when you might tell yourself something true. I’ll talk about the healing work of Wild Writing, as well as give us some writing prompts so we can write.

If you’ve never taken part in a Facebook Live, it’s easy.  All you have to do is log onto Facebook and come to my Facebook page at 10am Pacific and I’ll be there. Bring paper and a pen. You’ll be able to see me and type your thoughts or questions. No need to shower or get out of your pajamas as I’m the only one on camera.

Until then, my god, take care of yourself and love on the people around you.